Why us

What Makes Us Unique

Our Approach

We approach each project and intervention with tenets of Appreciative Inquiry Framework and Empathy

Frameworks based on Simplicity

Frameworks based on simplicity are used for business transformation, fast scaling and easy replication

Human Insight

Proven frameworks from Clinical Psychology, Effectuation, NLP, Intersectionality and Empathy are used for program delivery

Design Thinking

Interventions, programs and workshops are delivered via principles of Design Thinking, Mindfulness and Kinesthetics

Industry 4.0

Our interventions specialise in grooming manager, employee, leadership behaviors, compliant and necessary for Industry 4.0

PR & Marketing

We understand the market very well, we are connected with the best subject matter experts and agencies for internal branding and GTM

Organization transformation

What does it take?

We Love Solving Business & People <b data-src=
Why chose us

We Love Solving Business & People challenges.

We believe in business creating impact on the way we live. Sustenance, prosperity, green, ESG are the principles we live by.  

RightPath exists for enabling growth and solving complex problems via creative interventions. It is our endeavour to work closely with our clients, advise on planning, course corrections and draw efficiencies via subtle and sharp changes.